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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Animal CSI

Inspectorate Update : Animal CSI

Glyn Roberts was in town to spend some time with SPCA's Inspectorate team and work with them on evidence collection methods for cruelty cases. Glyn - previously an Animal Inspector with the RSPCA UK - currently runs Global Animal Welfare Solutions (GAWS).

SPCA organized a seminar on "Animal CSI" for the Department of Veterinary Services officers and enforcement units during the MAHA 2008 Expo. The turnout was impressive, with approximately 50 officers in attendance.

Glyn highlighted the importance of photography, numbering of evidence, and determining cruelty/ negligence based on the 5 Freedoms For Animals.

We hope to bring Glyn back to be based in KL for a longer period in the near future - to work with SPCA and DVS in improving animal cruelty investigation and successful prosecution! Thanks Glyn!

Taken from SPCA's weekly newsletter : http://www.enewsletter1.com/newsletter/N1266.html

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