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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Like SPCA, I too worry each time the Chinese New Year comes around, esp. when this year is the year of the Rabbit. Why? Haven't u seen pet shops 'stocking up' on cute, furry rabbits?

One thing the pet shops dont tell u. RABBIT SHIT STINKS MAY MORE TIMES THAN OTHER PETS. You will have to dispose of it FREQUENTLY. Even if you can stand it, can your family members /housemates/neighbours take it? I know.. We've kept rabbits b4!

What happens when Chap Goh Meh comes (end of CNY celebrations) what's gonna happen to the rabbits. Who's gonna feed them, change their dirty, smelly litter bin?? Just leave it to one side & hope it will die? -- you so busy mah , where got time, very tired when u comes home after work, traffic jam?

What about 'left over stock" (un-sold rabbits that grow bigger by the day, no longer cute / saleable?). By buying pets from pet shop, YOU ARE ENCOURAGING MORE BREEDING, MORE BIRTHS when the pounds, animal shelters r full to the brim with abandoned pets of all sizes, breeds and cuteness!


I'd like to think that PEOPLE ARE NOT SO HEARTLESS, but just CLUELESS about what consequences their actions will have... So that is why I continue with this blog (as and when the need to EDUCATE / MAKE A PLEA ..arises)

Here's an article about the situation (if u still think.. ala..what's the fuss, small matter only..) :

During festive seasons, the rate of pets being surrendered increases by 30%-40% while the number of adoptions declines. Thousands of pets had to be put down by the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) last year.

  • “People are on long breaks and don’t want to spend money on boarding their pets. Many animals in the shelter are there because their owners didn’t realise how much time it takes to care for them. This is irresponsible behaviour."
  • On average, the SPCA receives an average of 600-700 animals a month, with only 90-150 getting adopted in the same period. Last year, 8,299 animals were brought in but only 1,790 adopted. Because of this imbalance, many animals have to be put to sleep – the shelter’s last resort.“We have a bad reputation because of this,” admits Jacinta.
  • She says that while some pet owners are just irresponsible, others surrender their pets because of valid reasons - they are moving to an apartment or flat, moving out of the country, some have too many pets or even because of neighbours’ complaints.
  • She says that trend is for box of puppies or kittens coming in. Of the 8,299 animals brought in last year, 3,526 were kittens while 2,376 were puppies. For this reason, SPCA encourages neutering of pets to prevent the unwanted birth of more animals.
  • Jacinta adds that animals are also brought in by good Samaritans who sometimes find them in drains for instance. These days the SPCA tells people to get their pets rehomed before surrendering them. “The SPCA should only be the last option,” says Jacinta. In any case, those wanting to surrender their pets are charged RM150 for dogs and RM50 for cats. “This is so that people take time to consider other alternatives,” she says.

Excerpt from SPCA's interview in the Star Paper

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