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Monday, April 4, 2011

Kids with a big heart for unfortunate animals

This is yet another example of a caring child (with equally caring and responsible parents) who asked her friends to bring food and donations for SPCA instead of presents

Excerpt from SPCA newsletter:

Kind Kids celebrate birthdays in aid of SPCA!

Katie Gorden is a compassionate kid
– she invited her friends to her birthday party at Aquaria KLCC recently, and asked them to bring pet food and pet items for the animals in SPCA instead of gifts for herself! This generous girl managed to collect a big amount of pet supplies for the animals, which she happily donated to the SPCA Selangor animal shelter! 
Ariana Eimer had also celebrated her 6th birthday on the 28th of March, and had invited her classmates from the AISM and her other friends. Instead of bringing presents she had asked in her invitation for donations for the SPCA's dogs and cats. The large majority of her friends donated generously, and the average donation was RM50 per child!  Ariana collected a sum of RM1,017.00 that day which she
donated to SPCA proudly.
We would like to thank these two Kind Kids for their generosity and kindness in giving the best gift of all – the gift of love to our animal friends!

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