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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Appeal from SPCA - Help dogs affected by flood in Thailand


Click Here To DONATE NOWDear Friends of SPCA Selangor,

As you may be aware the flood situation in Bangkok and surrounds is worsening.
Your help is needed today
to save animals affected by this natural disaster. SPCA Selangor is conducting a campaign to collect donations, medical supplies and coordinate volunteers from Malaysia for the Soi Dog Foundation and the Soi Cats & Dogs (SCAD Bangkok) which are working around the clock to rescue, treat and shelter animals affected by the devastating floods.

Ongoing Rescue Work
Dogs at puppy farms and animal shelters have been abandoned with many drowning in their cages. Animal shelters where hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats are cared for have flooded with huge numbers drowned. As rescuers move through the flooded areas in boats, hundreds of dogs are seen swimming for their lives.

Emergency teams
are continuing work across Bangkok and Phuket where
tens of thousands of animals are at risk. Khun Pawena and her team pictured above are just some of the many people working day and night to save animal lives. Through donations,  Soi Dog Foundation was able to help Pawena and her team source and purchase an engine for their rescue boat. Another boat has just been delivered to one of the other field rescue groups at work in Bangkok. However rescue teams need more and bigger boats urgently. Large trucks have also been organized to transport animals to emergency facilities that have been set up to accommodate thousands of animals.
Thanks to donations, SCAD Bangkok in coalition with the Elephant Nature Foundation and the Kinship Circle are providing shelter, medical and animal management services at the TWP shelter which provides refuge, food, vaccinations, treatment and sterilization for dogs recued by volunteers from the flood zone north of Bangkok. There are more than 100 dogs on site, with more arriving each day.
We cannot over emphasize to you the critical nature of the situation and the urgency involved in the rescue efforts. The photo you see above was taken by Cindy Amey of Soi Dog Foundation during a recent rescue mission. This photo of dogs clinging to the rescue truck speaks for itself. The dedication of the rescue volunteers is truly admirable.
Volunteers are working tirelessly to get as many animals as possible to safety and donations are urgently needed for cages, food, transportation, medicine, temporary shelter and of course veterinary help.

View videos of ongoing rescue & relief efforts
Thousands of animals will still need to be treated and sheltered after the flood.

As the flood waters recede,
your support will become even more important. Thousands of animals will require veterinary treatment. Temporary care and shelter will be required for countless more.
Soi Dog Foundation, SCAD Bangkok and their partner organisations will be there for these animals and will do whatever it takes to help them. Please stand by them at this critically important time. Your support will save lives.
 3 Ways You Can Help
Make A Donation Now
SPCA Selangor is collecting donations online via our secure ipay88.com.my account, to be channeled towards rescue and relief efforts for the animals affected by the Thailand floods.
In the “Remarks” column, please type “Thailand Flood Relief Fund” so that we can channel the donation into this specially set up fund, which we will then transfer to Soi Dog Foundation and SCAD Bangkok.
SPCA Selangor Chairman Christine Chin has started the ball rolling with a personal donation of RM5,000 and the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) veterinary students and faculty members have collected RM700.
All donations made are tax-deductible, and you will be sent a receipt within 3 weeks.

Volunteers would be needed urgently from now until the end of December, depending on the flood situation at the end of the year.  
Volunteers would be helping out in one of three jobs:
1)    Working at the temporary shelters – this is where help is most needed. Responsibilities would include documenting animals arriving and leaving the shelter, ensuring animals are well cared for, assisting the vet to assess the animals and assisting the vets to treat ill animals.
2)    Rescuing animals from the flood zones and transporting them to the shelters
3)    Veterinary volunteers needed to assess, treat and sterilise the animals 

Requirements for volunteers
·         Able to travel to Thailand on own expenses (accommodation and food would be available at certain shelters)
·         Willing to stay a minimum of 10 days (with exception of vets)
·         Willing to carry over donated medical supplies, if needed
·         Priority will be given to volunteers with experience of working with animals 

Apply to be a Volunteer Now
If you fulfill the above criteria and are keen on volunteering, please send an email with the following details to enquiries@spca.org.my, with the Subject : ‘Volunteer For Thailand Flood Relief’.

Experienced handling animals? Y/ N
Available dates (for period  20 Nov – 31 Dec 2011): 
Contribute medical and veterinary supplies
At the moment, medical supplies are urgently needed as the floods have crippled transportation and businesses in these areas. We have a wishlist of much-needed items like medicines, sutures, autoclaves, cages and more. If you would like to contribute, kindly contact Dr Natasha Lee at dr.natasha@gmail.com for the full wishlist of items!

All donations go directly to helping the animals in distress - please donate as generously as you can today! Time is of the essence in saving the lives of these animals.
Please support work by the animal rescue groups at this critically important time. Your support will save lives.
SPCA Selangor thanks you in advance for your support during this critical time for tens of thousands of animals, and the countless animal rescue groups working tirelessly to save them!

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