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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bag for Disabled dog

This looks like a good idea.Got this from FB.

Tracy Pilkington- Shaffer (Mom)

We just adopted 2 more pugs. Spartacus is in a wheelchair and this is his bag to use when he is hopping around on the floor. They can be very expensive on line to get, but they save the dogs legs from getting rug burn, scratches and cuts. My mom makes them if anyone is interested. If you have a dog or cat that has to drag their back legs, these bags are life savers.

Email me if you are interested in a bag. Tracyashaffer@gmail.com 
Yes I will mail anywhere you need it. There are bags on line from handicapped pets but they are expensive. The home made bags are padded on bottom, big vent area on top 

Also for the diaper falling off , diaper covers and clips hold the diaper.
I need to know boy or girl and what type of dog then we can figure out size. The price is around 30-40 dollars.


am I a grownup now? said...

Hi, I really need to make this sort of bag for the dog we just fostered from romania, see his fb page, Rocky's Road to Happiness, do you have the link to where you saw the pattern......? He desperately needs a couple, we are making do with some baby sleep bags at the moment but they are not really ideal. Thanks so much. Niki and Rocky

Crazee Patches said...

U can check this FB link..

Hope it will help Rocky.

am I a grownup now? said...

Thanks, I am cracking on with my version....I am sure it will be more complicated than it looks lol


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