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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Locally-made wheelchair for disabled dogs

Got this from The Star

Businessman Danny Goh Teck Chuan's heart broke when he came across a few paralysed dogs after he started rescuing animals about a year ago. Getting help for these dogs was hard, he said. For instance, wheelchairs and walkers for the paralysed dogs had to be ordered from abroad.
The contraptions were also expensive, easily costing RM1,000 each.
So, he decided to design his own wheelchairs and walkers for dogs based on patterns obtained from the Internet but unlike the ones there, which used aluminium, Goh decided to use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes....
Goh can be contacted through Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better's Facebook page athttp://www.facebook.com/MalaysianDogsDeserveBetter.
Goh, 29, who owns and runs a drapery business, said each wheelchair or walker cost him about RM15 to RM20. So far he has made four wheelchairs and a walker for dogs that suffer from spinal cord injury and charges nothing for his creations.
It's so pitiful to see this dog...What about when he has to poo?
Point to ponder: While it's good to provide these disabled dogs a second chance instead of being put down, i have to ask, is this for the good of the dog? Being mobile is one thing.  But is he suffering day to day?  
Maybe being put out of their misery would be a more humane thing. Let not the want of having the dog around (sentimental, personal reason) cloudy our judgement. I am worried about the overall well-being of the dog. Of course, each case is different.
We cant equate with a disabled person as humans have opportunity to learn, to contribute, understand and make their own decision . But for the sake of discussion, I am also for human euthanasia to lessen one's suffering and the suffering of all those connected to them. We all cant live forever. We should not be selfish as the earth's resources is scarce (made worse by our inccessant rape of it's bounty). So when circumstances make it painful / unfavourable to live a quality life, it's time to pack up & move on (die).


Steve Ryan said...

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Crazee Patches said...

Nice to hear from u, Steve. Do share some of your own stories too :)

Unknown said...

Can it be made for cats how can I contact this kind man to ask for help

Crazee Patches said...

I got this info from a newspaper article in 4 yrs ago.

And it says that you can contact Mr Goh through Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page.
So you can try this link :


Do let us know if he can.


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