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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pet's Pet Taxi

A friend gave me this Facebook link :


Pet Taxi - Safe, reliable and affordable pet transport 
Pet House Calls - We walk, feed, play, cuddle, clean your pet
Pet Relocation - Anywhere!
Pet Day Care/Boarding 
K-9 Training - basic, obedience, aggression
Need to bring your pet to vet? For a grooming session, boarding, or maybe just for a fun drive? Or worse, there is an emergency.... 

You got no transport? 
Your kids took the car for a spin? Your parents took the car for a spin?!
Your car rosak? 
Having a busy schedule?
Taxis say no no, no animals are allowed. 
Bus? Forget it. 
Friends are too busy or too far away? 
Neighbors are not opening the door?

What DO YOU do?!

---> CALL Pet's Pet Taxi!! <---- span="">

What is Pet's Pet Taxi?

We provide safe and reliable 24/7 transport service from anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia. Other areas are served too case-by-case,

Price: RM25 (handling fee/per pet) + travel costs based on kilometer reading

(( What the Woof? This is a bark-gain! ))

- Emergency cases (24/7) are priced case-by-case 
- Waiting time, cage rental will be charged separately.
- Cancellation fee is 20% of the agreed rate (minimum 48 hours notice)

We love all pet animals; dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, birds, lizards etc. etc.
You name it, We transport her or him.

For more information, process and pricing, please

CALL/SMS: 018-8707220 

EMAIL:l petspettaxi@gmail.com

TWEET: @petspettaxi

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/PetsPetTaxi

--- We transport with Love and Care - We are Animal Lovers too ---


Stan Ng said...

is it shipping from kempas indah johor bahru to alor setar also available?

Crazee Patches said...

Pls call them directly to ask..
Thnks for visiting my blog :)

Petri Marttinen said...

Hi Stan, this is Petri from Pet's Pet Taxi. To answer your inquiry, yes most definitely available. Could you send us email regarding your pet transport requirements to petspettaxi@gmail.com or you can call/SMS 0188707220. Thank you again and hope to serve you soon! Best regards, Petri

Jason Bee said...

Any Pet transport project will be handled very well with PetzRush Pet travel to and from South Africa! They really helped us with our Pet transport arrangements and I must add they thought of everything!


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