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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Warning ===> Say 'NO' to Puppy mills !!

Visit http://www.puppy.com.my/ if you are a responsible pet owner -- info on pet obedience training, pet events you can join in, meet other pet owners, learn from their experiences!!

Pet shops have been mushrooming in the last few years. Some are responsible, many are NOT... even with all good intentions, how can YOU run a BUSINESS selling "LIVES"??

How can you treat animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, even.. the slimy snake) as 'stock' / 'merchandise' ? This puts a new meaning to the word 'PERISHABLES'. What do they do if a 'stock' is PAST EXPIRY DATE? How do you 'write-off' a dog, a LIVING THING? Scrap value ??


An article in the New Straits Times yesterday (Sat 29 Mar, 2008) re-confirmed what I always feared!! Read how puppies are 'HARVESTED' almost as soon as they are born, 'packed' and shipped out to the local market & overseas... Many will not survive the trip... Many more will be traumatised...

It all stems from the DEMAND - people who are willing to part with large sums of money for that cute puppy... Have you ever wondered where they came from ?? What about their mothers ? Would they by carrying any diseases? What do you do when their grow up and is NO LONGER CUTE? Do you just throw them into cages, out in the yard... chained up?

Responsible breeders vs puppy mills !!

Where can a responsible pet owner buy a puppy? Adopt one from SPCA or PAWS where only puppies who are old enough are put up for adoption. They are medically checked and adopters will be taught how to care for them. Or from professional (responsible) breeders. How to know if one is a responsible breeder ? They will have credentials. The puppy should have the proper papers (lineage, medical). Buyers have to fill in questionnaires to ascertain whether they qualify. Breeders will accept returns. Find out more :


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