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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pet hotel in Penang

No where to send the dogs when u go on holiday ? Put them up at the 5-star pet hotel in Penang.


....after witnessing the growth of such (boutique) hotels, the founder of a local pet shop had a bright idea where he decided to set up a five-star hotel to solely cater for man’s furry friends.

Located on Kedah Road, the cozy double-storey pet hotel is freshly painted in light green and it still maintains the traditional wooden doors.

Just a few steps across the lane is the CTY Aquarium.

“We took several months to furnish the interior of the building with 15 rooms on the ground floor for boarding or day care services for our four-legged friends. These suites are for both cats and dogs.

“Our luxury services include a 24-hour CCTV surveillance, air-conditioning, exhaust fans for good air circulation, comfortable beds and toys in each suite for the pets,” Chew said.

They also provide similar services for small animals like rabbits, hamsters and reptiles but the pet owners have to bring own containers for their pets.
Charges for the pet hotel suites range from RM15 to RM22 for day care and RM24 to RM32 for boarding services.
For more details, call 04-226 8797.

Update (November 2014)
Here's another pet sitting service i sourced from the DogfriendlyPenang.com

What is the first thing we do before booking our holidays? Well almost the first thing :-) We check who will look after our precious pets in our absence. Here in Penang that can be a challenge for both cats and dogs, but particularly dogs. We are is excited to tell you about our latest find – a cat/dog/bird/monkey sitter.
Pauline Harwood who originally hails from the UK has set up Pauline’s Pet Sitting Service. When she first arrived in Penang with her dog Lucky,  she was reluctant to leave him in a kennel.  He was old and not in the best of health.  Lucky passed away over a year ago  but Pauline realised there were many people in Penang, like her,  who had needs for their pets that weren’t being met by the services available. 
Pauline has lots of experience with all sorts of animals.  She took a police dog training course in the UK and subsequently trained her own German Shepherds both there and in Spain. 
She has had the unusual instance of rescuing a Marmoset monkey in Spain.  After bringing him back to tip top shape she found a good home for him.   And she also fostered a young monkey who was then provided for a zoo breeding program on maturity.
She has looked after cockatoos, love birds, Amazonian parrots and cockatiels. 
Normally a big dog person her last dog Lucky was a Yorkshire Terrier.   And Pauline also loves cats.
To ensure that both you and she are comfortable leaving your precious pets, Pauline insists on meeting you and the animals prior to accepting any assignment.
She will come to your home and feed, medicate, groom, walk and talk to your pets.  If you’re interested in speaking with Pauline about her services, she can be contacted on 016 439 1511 or via email on ph.mod@hotmail.com  
Expert Opinion:
Pauline has a 5 star approval rating from one of our resident experts Billy, who has stayed  in her home.    Proof of the service he has received in that he puts his paw into Pauline’s security gate and shakes it so eager is he to get inside.  :-)


Lisa said...

Hello my name is Lisa and we just moved to Penang with our cat. But we are leaving for chrismas holiday in december back to austria. So my question is, do you have a special offer for three weeks full service? and do you even provide for cats? Please come back to me. My email is lisa-maria@zeihsel.at
Thanks so much, Lisa

Crazee Patches said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your enquiry. I am not affiliated to any of the pet hotel/services listed here. I'm only just listing it to bring attention to availability of such services.

So it would be better to contact them directly . Tel no. is in the post.

However, i would like to suggest other pet sitting services which u may check out before making any decisions. Its updated in this post.

i would also suggest checking out this website dogfriendlypenang.com
They have useful info for all kinds of pet services n the comments received from their readers give a good indication of the quality & availability of services.

Hope this helps :)

familypetcare said...

A dedicated and trained professionals at pet sitting services in MO, provides your pet a good care and follows their daily routine such as feeding, walking and exercise.


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