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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grace, the Saluki hound

She appeared on our street one day, out of nowhere. She decided to stay. Everyone along the street loved her. Each household would put out some food for her. She had her own buffet line!

At night, she would sit regally under a streetlight, enjoying the night air, basking in the light. So graceful she looked.

With her long hair, she was slowly getting dirty, so my mom & dad decided to let her in, bathe her & give her a foster home. It was easy. We just opened our gate & put out some yummy food for bait!

She is gentle by character & easily startled! We suspect that she must have been abused. She seemed to understand some basic obedience training steps, like when we bring her out for a walk on a leash, she would halt in attention, whenever we stop. When we begin to run, she would gallop like a horse!

She is also a hit with our many cats. Whenever she lies down for a nap, they would each find a cosy nook within her wide body to snooze too! And when she goes for a walk, the cats would follow in a procession. The neighbours where tickled pink!

But alas, my dear Grace, we had to give you up. Many upsetting things had happened to the family. We could not care for her anymore. I was moving to an apartment. My parents had intended to move back to Penang.

With a heavy heart, gave her up to SPCA, in 1994. But I was so happy to hear recently, that she had been adopted right after arriving at the shelter because she was such a unusual breed. So, Grace .. I wonder, are you still around... we miss you!

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