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Monday, September 22, 2008


Cruelty Case Highlight : Poodle Rescue @ SS 5
SPCA Selangor received an emergency report about a dog in SS5, PJ last month. When the Inspectorate team arrived at the house at 2pm, they found a little brown poodle tangled up in a short leash in the garden - near strangulation. The poodle's hind leg was pulled tight to its head, with the leash cutting into its skin.

Not wanting to trespass, the SPCA team waited outside the home for 5 hours before the landlord allowed them to go in. We managed to rescue the little poodle, who was weak and traumatized. She suffered wounds on her hind leg and around her mouth where she had apparently been muzzled for long periods of time.

Teddy has spent the last 3 weeks recovering at the SPCA office, and is now a picture of health and happiness! Her companions in the office are two other rescued dogs - beautiful black and tan mongrels GirlGirl and Boobie (watch out for their stories next week!).

Moral of the Story : If ever you need to leash your dog, please do so sparingly - and safely. Dogs left leashed can get bored and frustrated, and at high risk of entangling themselves in the leash - often resulting in death by strangulation.

Please give your dog the freedom to move around in your compound, and if you need to leash or cage them for a short period please ensure that they have access to food and water, and that they are sheltered from the heat and rain.

Make A Report : If you come across an animal that is being neglected or abused, please call us at 42565312/ 42535179 or 42535312.

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