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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dog rescue by SPCA

Unfortunately, this is a common scenario.

What is Cruelty to animals?
Owner buys a dog. Owner goes away. Owner leaves dog in a cage for days with no food or water or shelter from the environment.

Luckily, a concerned neighbour alerts SPCA. One of SPCA's function is to rescue animals in trouble. These photos tell all! This is their story (taken fron SPCA's weekly newsletter)

Ah Long Case : Abandoned Dog @ Bkt Wangsamas
A concerned member of the public reported that a dog had been confined without food and water for 4 days in a house. The dog had been left behind by its owner, who had fled from an Ah Long. Notices from the Ah Long were pasted outside the house. A security guard from nearby confirmed that the owner has not returned to attend to the dog. The person who made the report had been feeding the dog through the gate.

SPCA alerted the Enforcement Unit of DVS Wilayah Perseketuan. At 9.30am on Wednesday, DVS enforcement officers assisted by the SPCA Inspectorate Team cut the lock and entered the house to remove the poor dog. The dog (temporarily named BoyBoy) was immediately taken to the DVS Vet for a check-up, and then moved to the SPCA office to be housed temporarily.

HOORAY for SPCA & the Federal Territoy's DVS Enforcement Unit!!

P.S. Although Islam is the official religion of Malaysia and touching a dog requires a Muslim to wash his hands 7 times (in accordance to Islamic rules-do read my Sept 29 post), these Enforcement Officers still carried out their duty with concern for the poor animal. I faced a somewhat similar case many years (almost 10) ago. A bad-tempered coffee shop owner had 4 dogs (I think) on chains which got entangled (and became very short). They were left out by the side of the shop, next to a lane. One of the dogs' legs were accidentally run over by a passing car and left untreated.

Many passed by his shop everyday & tried to advise him but were rudely told off by the owner.

I could not stand it & called SPCA but was told that they do not have jurisdiction (those were the days) and they asked me to contact the government dept. (vet, I think). I told the Malay man on the line and he was very emphatic & the very next day sent his officers to check. But in those days, all they could do was to fine the owner for not having dog licence. The owner was fuming (I guess) and few days later the dogs disappeared! Some say he brought them back to his kampung (village)..

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