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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Face -to-Face with DBKL (after TV3's expose)

In light of the recent controversy surrounding DBKL, the SPCA Chairperson called for a meeting to discuss serious allegations that DBKL are strangling stray dogs and drowning cats.

The meeting was attended by Dr Hamdan bin Ahmad( Head of Animal Welfare Dept, DVS), Christine Chin, Dr Lim, Dr Suhanna, Dr Goh, Mr Krishnan, Dr Zaidi (DBKL), and Mr Chandrakahn (DBKL Pound Manager).

SPCA highlighted that this is a new era of responsibility, accountability, reality, transparency and humanity. There is nowhere to hide for animal abusers. DBKL vehemently denied the allegations and are ameniable to compliance of the DVS Guidelines for stray animal control (May 2008).

SPCA has investigated the earlier allegation in Nov 08, and also alerted DVS who contacted DBKL to get their story - there was no hard evidence of strangulation or drowning.

SPCA said SPCA Klinik Kembiri @ DBKL will close in protest if the allegations prove to be true. Copies of the Guidelines were distributed to all present at the meeting.

In compliance to the guidelines that prioritized animal welfare, DBKL has agreed to;

a. get a qualified Vet to do the euthanasia of the dogs and cats once a week

b. anaesthetize aggressive and nervous dogs before putting down so as to reduce the stress inflicted on the dogs. This will incur higher costs.

c. create humane conditions for euthanizing animals e.g. a separate room

d. Attempt to rehome dogs, after being spayed or neutered by SPCA KK.

e. mandatory microchipping

f. differential licensing for neutered and unneutered dogs

The root causes of strays are irresponsible owners who allow their un-neutered dogs to roam or abandon their un-neutered dogs, and they need to be addressed and penalized via effective and sensible legislation.

We also highlighted an FBI fact that animal abusers are 5 times more likely to abuse children, women and be a menace to society - so cruelty to animals hardly ends there.

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