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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hell Holes created by MPKlang, MPKajang and MPAmpang Jaya

Recent investigations into stray dog control measures by local municipals highlighted the hell holes that stray dogs impounded are thrown into. These Municipals do not even have pounds.

  • MPKlang operates an inhumane and detestable "pound". MPKlang has promised over the years that they will build a new pound and stop using wires to catch stray and owners' dogs. Through the years, SPCA's letters and calls to action to MP Klang have fallen on deaf ears. MPKlang keeps the stray dogs in a truck. To SPCA's knowledge there is no food and water provided. The wires cut into the throats and bodies of dogs and puppies causing immense pain and a slow and extremely painful death. This cruelty is against the law and directly violate Section 44 Animals Act 1953 (revised 2006) - yet no changes and charges are made.

  • MPKajang is also another Municipal that contributes directly to the cruelty of stray and owned dogs. Stray and owners' dogs are kept in this truck. Again, we are not aware that food and water are provided. The truck is kept hidden from public view and there is no way an owner can retrieve his dog.

  • MPAJ also has no pound and relies on their dog-catching contractor, Vet-Fine S/B, to catch and destroy stray and owners' dogs. The dogs are kept in vans, for days without food and water. Vet-Fine S/B are implicated in many atrocities involving the capture and inhumane killing of stray and owners' dogs. SPCA has reported Vet-Fine's alleged cruelty to DVS and VAM but no action has been taken. SPCA has been verbally abused and threatened by Vet-Fine dog catchers in this process of gathering information.

Next week we will highlight other pounds, as well as contact details for each pound that you can write e-mails and letters to and voice your concerns!

(excerpt from SPCA's newsletter Friday Flash)

Contact SPCA :03-42535179, 03-42565312


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