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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have you seen this man?

On Tuesday (March 17, 2009), the SPCA Selangor received several calls from members of public regarding a man who appeared to be mentally unstable - seen tying up several cats and a puppy near the Mines Complex.

SPCA Animal Inspectors immediately contacted the nearest Police Station in Serdang, urging them to send an officer to intervene. By the time the patrol car arrived on the scene 10-15 minutes later, the man had walked off – carrying with him two cats and the puppy in a bag. Two other adult cats were left tied to a concrete post. The animals reportedly were not injured, but had been subjected to a lot of stress as the man had tied them up, talking to them as he held their heads tightly. The policemen released the two cats.

The Animal Inspectors followed-up with the police station the same day, and lodged a police report about the incident. The following day, they put up posters (using a picture taken by camera-phone by one of the concerned members of the public) around the vicinity to request that the public keep an eye out for this man, and managed to locate and rescue two of the cats seen in the photos.

If you see this man, please do call the Sri Serdang police station at 89482222 or SPCA Selangor Animal Inspectorate at 010-2210744/ 42565312.

Extract from SPCA's Friday Flash (newsletter) http://www.enewsletter1.com/newsletter/N1582.html

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