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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inhumane treatment at dog pounds... the story continues

YB Hannah Yeoh, State Assembly representative for MPSJ and Christine Chin, SPCA Selangor Chairperson held a press conference to announce that issues on dog-catchers, their methods of catching stray and owned dogs were debated at a Selangor State Assembly Session last week.

Selangor State Exco member, YB Ronnie Liu, promised to do due diligence on dog-catchers currently under contract to ensure taxpayers' money are not wasted. YB Hannah Yeoh championed the strays rights to humane treatment as outlined by the DVS Guidelines on Stray Dog Catching and Euthanasia (May 2008) and urged the Assembly to check on the profile of highlighted dog-catchers that frequently employ cruel methods to catch the dogs.

DVS Guidelines state that the animals' welfare must be given priority at all times and the 5 Freedoms must be taken on account :
  • Freedom from hunger and thirst,
  • Freedom from discomfort (from the environment),
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease,
  • Freedom to express normal behavior,
  • Freedom from fear and distress
The guidelines also highlighted that trained, compassionate and knowledgeable personnel be employed and that only vets can euthanize the strays in a humane manner. Currently untrained personnel destroy the strays very likely in an inhumane manner.

It also stated that kennel sizes be adequate and proper records be kept.

While YB Hannah and Chin applauded DVS for the Guidelines, successful implementation is equally important. YB Hannah suggested that SPCA has representation in the Pound management, on an advisory and monitoring capacity, to ensure smooth and effective implementation of these humane guidelines.

Christine said that SPCA Selangor will advise and assist any Municipal in setting up humane pounds that intend to follow the DVS Guidelines. "This has been the culmination of years of tears and heartbreak. When I first saw how these strays were treated and killed around 5 years ago, my heart broke and I cried for days. Sometimes I still cry for them.

But crying helps no one and I resolved that SPCA Selangor will take this news to the nation and make a difference in how these strays are treated and how all of us can stop the flow of strays spilling onto the streets from irresponsible owners.

Many years of dealing with DVS and individual Municipals resulted in the publication of the DVS Humane Guidelines largely contributed by SPCA Selangor. Today is one of the happiest days of my life! " says Chin.

Thank you YB Hannah Yeoh for being the VOICE of the VOICELESS!
Extract from SPCA's Friday Flash (newsletter)http://www.enewsletter1.com/newsletter/N1582.html

My say: So good to hear that there is progress (slow, on going but nevertheless, a good thing).
The latest protest by the public at DBKL's pound, I guess DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We need to keep animal cruelty issues in the public eye and not just to be forgotten once the hooha is over. Keep up the good work SPCA. And to all those who attended the protest - good for you. We should always try to make a difference!
P.S. Photos were from a friend who participated in the DBKL Setapak pound Protest.

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glad to have found this site and hear such progress!


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