Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.-- James A. Froude (1818-1894)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cruel Act of Kindness

Aptly put! This comes as the aftermath of Wesak (every year). Well-meaning but misguided, ignorance or for self-interest? These people are trying to gain more 'karma' through releasing animals (=they bought, which actually encourages more animals to be trapped).

If you want to be kind to animals or express your kindness, I would suggest donating to all the various animal welfare groups or help out at their shelter. This is where you learn KINDNESS and will earn you TRUE, good karma.

You could also show compassion by NOT BUYING cute puppies at pet shops as PRESENTS to your precious kids (even if they kick & scream and threaten to disown you). You will be teaching them real kindness & compassion and not to be greedy & think of their own pleasure/wants only. A puppy will very quickly grow up into a DOG that can shed fur, need de-worming, visits to the vet and all the 'bother & trouble' of maintaining a pet. They are not furry DOLLS you can dress up & carry in a bag to the mamak stalls only to break loose & run away and live a life of suffering because they are not as street-wise & hardy as mongrels.

Read this letter in the Star and shows how irresponsible the 'Kindness' act can be.

Saw another similar letter to NST by someone who saw dead frogs & fishes, having been released into polluted lakes (like the one in Taman Aman, PJ). Fishes need correct level of oxygen. You also can't just put them in tap water.

Whichs brings me to another case of suffering animals -- fishes kept in tanks at restaurants!! DO NOT ORDER FISHES FROM TANKS. Yes, you want freshly, slaughtered fish... but you are also getting stressed out, suffering souls. Can't be good for your tummys, huh? My heart goes out to them... barely able to breathe if the reataurant owner packs them together like dead sardines in a can... desperatedly gasping for air..

I once passed by a Japanese restaurant in Amcorp Mall, PJ and could smell something so horrid, I almost puked. I looked into their glass tanks. Tons of unagi (eels) all packed together... the dead, the live ones & the almost dead!! I will never patronise such a place.. I wonder will they serve the dead unagi to you??

So if ANYONE WANTS TO EARN GOOD KARMA, DO GOOD, BE COMPASSIONATE, - my hope, advice & plea - don't do things that encourage abuse, misuse & suffering to other beings!!


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