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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why Neuter Your Pet?

- Neutered pets are more social with other animals and thus have less aggression, which in turn means less fighting.

- Neutered pets live longer because they have less health problems such as prostatitis, testicular or rectal cancer and perineal hernias.

- Neutered pets require fewer veterinary bills.

- Your neutered dog won’t be seeking romance with your (company’s legs <-huh? typo?) anymore.

- Neutering eliminates sexual frustration so your pet will be friendlier and more relaxed.

- Neutered cats and dogs are less likely to mark their territory.

- Neutered pets will regard you with greater importance.

- Neutered pets have less behavioral problems such as digging, fighting and escaping

Want to make an appointment to neuter your pet? Call the SPCA-DBKL Klinik Kembiri (based in Setapak) at 03-4024-3446 (closed on Mondays) to make an appointment today!

(taken from SPCA Saturday Snippets 29/8/08 newsletter) http://www.spca.org.my/v51/

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