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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are certain breeds of dogs more dangerous than others?

Is it a myth or is it true? I can't say..

When my dad was looking for a pedigree dog as a pet, he was worried that the dog may bite us kids, so he asked around for breeds that are friendly and less aggressive behaviour. So he was told (by some people) that boxers are a gentle breed and pit bulls are fierce.
<-- This is a pit bull

We believed, partly because of its look - pit bulls are not the cute, cuddly looking dogs. They have small eyes and 'ugly' looking mouth (my apologies to pit bull owners), thus perpetuate the 'racist' perception that they are not to be trusted. Of course, dad settled for the boxer. Is the boxer really more friendlyand less likely to bite our fingers off? To us kids, the boxer was lovable and my little brother could even take a plastic butter knife & 'saw' its ear lopes while the boxer just continued with his nap. Maybe he is a gentle breed or was he just plain lazy, i'm not sure. My dad calls him Duke, because of his handsome stature and regal looks.

<-- This is Duke, our boxer

But for strangers, they are terrified of him! I wonder why.. He never much barked at any passer-byers (we always scold him if he barks). But deliverymen, postmen, visitors are always wary of him. i think because our boxer reminds them of bulldogs which are said to be fierce!

Here's Pet Positive 's take on the issue :

Animal Control Officers Vouch For Pit Bulls

Animal expert Milan with a pit bull

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