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Saturday, January 8, 2011

SPCA news: Rehoming To Bentong - Lotus Life Liberation Park

Rehoming To Bentong

3 more dogs – Hercules (a pet abandoned in a PJ market), Blackie (an old male community pet that was rescued after being dragged behind a car intentionally) and Whitey (rescued stray that had a huge maggot wound) have been rehomed by SPCA in the Lotus Life Liberation Park in Bentong at the end of December!

Mid-December, a previous batch of 5 Last Chance dogs from SPCA were also transported by LLLP estate manager Shahrul and her husband Jorg to the beautiful sanctuary – currently home to more than 60 dogs, 20 cats, 70 goats, 60 cows, 130 ducks, 110 chicken, 2000 turtles and thousands of fish.

In total, LLLP will be taking 15 dogs from SPCA!

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