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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Animal Communication Foundation Workshop

Animal Communicator Rosina Maria Arquati will be conducting a 2-day Animal Communication Foundation Workshop in Malaysia (KL) on 26 & 27 Feb 2011! The Workshop will give you the basic skills to communicate with your animals.

Following content will be included:
• Clearing Blockages
• Grounding
• Opening you to intuitive impressions
• Telepathic abilities and
• Connecting with your Animals
• Essences of Animals
• Code of Ethics
• Meditation
• Case studies
• Solving Problems
• Animals who have left the planet
• Use of crystals for animals

Workshop Fee: RM800 (For the 2-full days Workshop)
Enquiries/Registration: (+012) 302 7658

For more information about Rosina, her work, and sharing over the years of experiences, kindly visit her website: http://rosina.wordpress.com/

(from SPCA newsletter)

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