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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Condolences to the family of Tan Sri Dr. Saleha Ali, patron of SPCA

Sad news from SPCA (but with an interesting snippet on Muslims owning dogs)-
Passing of our Patron, Tan Sri Dr Saleha Ali -  A tribute from the Committee

SPCA received the sad news on the 21st of March, 2011 that SPCA Patron Tan Sri Dr Saleha Ali had passed away peacefully after a long illness. Replacing her late brother, Tun Ismail Ali as our previous patron, TSZ has been our esteemed Patron for over a decade. Despite her busy and hectic schedule, she was also Patron of numerous Charities and organisations and supported them throughout her illness.

Trained in the UK in her formative years, TSZ was molded into a lady of compassion and a woman of substance. As the sister-in-law of Tun Dr Mahathir, TSZ nonetheless worked tireless to support the underprivileged in Malaysia, animals included! TSZ loved dogs and owned 2 beautiful Labradors, called Goldie and Degold, who were her constant companions when her husband passed away. Throughout her illness while in hospital, she constantly asked if her darlings were fed and bathed! She tried to fight the misconception that Muslims cannot own dogs and highlighted that other Muslims in countries that embrace Islam owned dogs and, while dogs are najis, they are not haram. Dogs are used for protecting their property and family and hence, widely accepted in Muslim families.
 TSZ was certainly a beacon of illumination in this country that has unfortunately vilified dogs erroneously. It has been her fervent hope that dogs, especially the pitiful stray dogs, be humanely treated. Such was her dedication and compassion! I hope that Malaysians will take the lead, just like her, in building a humane society, free from animal cruelty. For when we sow kindness and compassion towards animals, we also sow kindness and compassion to human beings. She will be missed.

Christine Chin-Radford
SPCA Selangor Chairman, on behalf of the SPCA Selangor Committee

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