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Friday, July 22, 2011

Time's running out - we need a new home

Hi, I'm UBER a.k.a. Obie
I may be old, I may be clumsy and a Rottie ... but I'm also lovable and obedient.

I spent a decade with my owners who trained me well. 
When I go for walks, I don't go after other dogs. I just ignore them. 
I sit & give my paw when I want to eat.  
A plastic bag excites me.. cause it's usually food inside.. he he

My owners love me dearly but
they have decided to built new lives in another continent. 
Will be leaving soon.

So, Auntie K took me in. My foster 'mummy' does'nt shout at me. 
Cos if she does, I'll just site down & no one can budge me *wink*
She'll call out nicely to me and I'd do what she says
She is patient with me and I know she loves lil' big, old me.

Each morning, I look forward to hearing my 'Che Che's (foster sister's) alarm clock ring

That's my cue get up and get ready to rush out for some morning exercise
Then Mummy will give me an apple for breakfast
But i have not much teeth left, so she peels and slices it thinly :)
CATO is my doberman sister
She's my side-kick, the 'live wire' of the house
She never sits still, always pacing around, 
poking her curious nose into all nooks &crannies

And she's an accurate 'kisser'.
Every chance she gets, she'll jump up and kiss Mummy or Che Che in the lips!
She's a dynamo, full of life, full of love and play
Not bad for a 9-year oldie!

Alas, all good things must come to an end...

My foster family can't afford to rent a house any more for us all to stay
So they'll be moving into an apartment (end of August 2011)
and Mummy's getting old too .. She's 81 this year

My owner's are trying very hard to re-home us.
They are worried I won't be able to adjust in an animal sanctuary as suggested by Che Che
as I have spent most of my life alone, only with my tonto, Cato

We may have to split up too.  
Cato still is strong & thinks she's still 9-month old and not 9 years and easier to re-home
As for me, my hind leg is a bit shaky & metabolism's slowing down 
Although I can still give a good bark at the grass-cutting man

It was not an easy decision to make. But my owners feel -
To spare me future misery, they think it's best to let me go to Heaven  peacefully

(and hopefully Cato, my good fren can come too!)

BTW, we like to sing too!

Note : Pls email  crazeepatches.blogspot.com  
if you can help them...

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