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Monday, October 7, 2013

Dogs in the gym!

Let sleeping dogs lie? No way. Drag them to the gym.
MANY people get home from work in need of a trip to the gym or an exercise class. But the list of excuses is myriad, starting with that most precious commodity, time.
Factor in a dog – in my case, a rambunctious terrier mix named Beanie – and it’s likely that all thoughts of a workout would vanish.
That’s why, on a recent evening, Beanie and I hit the Zoom Room, a studio on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood, California, that offers workout classes (four for US$120/RM360, 10 for US$265/RM800) for dogs and their people. Together.
There were seven dogs in our cross-training class. Jaime Van Wye, who started the business and has trained police and bomb squad dogs, as well as dogs that work with autistic children, was our teacher.
The dogs are expected to have basic manners: They need to refrain from barking through the class and must be able to sit or lie down on command. ....
...The owners, meanwhile, did sit-ups, wall push-ups, steps, lunges and a couple of other exercises at stations around the room. Equipment includes balls, balance beams, rings and other devices for two- and four-legged exercisers....
....She said she frequently reinvented workshops to suit the dogs, including an urban herding class (balls stand in for sheep) and a “shy dog” class that’s mostly for skittish rescues.
For older dogs or those with hip problems, there’s “Pup-lates”.....
....“It’s a bonding experience with the dog,” said David Essex, holding Windsor, a border collie-cattle dog mix. “It is more of a workout for us, more of a patience thing for them.”...

Here's the link to ZoomRoom with its :
Indoor Dog Park - Private Gym
Our indoor dog park – aka Private Gym – is the fun, safe alternative to dog parks. We’ve all been to the dog park, but now you can go somewhere better! Avoid the mud, the rain, the puddles, the dirt, the heat, the sun, the latte-drinking cell-phone chatterers, and the mean dogs that steal toys. We outlaw it all! (But we do like caffeine, so we provide free direct trade coffee.) Instead, come take advantage of our affordable private dog gym at times convenient to your busy schedule, whatever the weather!

Rent the Zoom Room 
For private functions. Pet-friendly, fun concept

Socialize with :
  • Agility League
  • Dog Parties
  • Dog discos
  • Rescue groups
  • Meetup groups
CP :  Novel concept. They have franchise too. Maybe some savvy, dog-loving investor will bring it to the shores of KL or Penang..  

I love their tag line :

The Perfect Pet Franchise

We Don’t Train Dogs.

We Train the People Who Love Them.


Train people to live harmoniously with dogs,...animals,....other living beings :)

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