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Monday, October 7, 2013

MOST people fall for the “awwww” puppy factor but there are some excellent reasons for adopting an adult dog.
First, there is no toilet-training to be done. If you have never had a dog, being spared this experience can be a very good thing. Also, if you adopt a dog that’s been properly loved, she or he will have been trained to walk on a leash, come, sit and other basic commands. You still have to learn how to communicate properly with your pet, but the hard work’s been done.
Second, if you’re taking in a mixed breed, you won’t be presented with a tiny pup that suddenly blooms into a dog the size of a small horse. By adopting an adult dog, you will know exactly how much exercise your pet will need, how much living space, and what sort of food budget you’re looking at.
Third, your pet’s character will be clearly visible. With pups, you can never be sure if they will be boisterous when grown up, quiet, good with kids, sweet with cats, and so on. With an adult dog, you will work with a known character.
Finally, you will be saving a life. Shelters are so full, and people are so reluctant to adopt pets that aren’t in the cute puppy stage, that adult dogs are often put down straight away. By taking in a pet who is in need, you are doing a good deed.
So when you want a canine companion, please talk to your nearest shelter or rescuer about adopting an adult dog.
CP : Could'nt have said it any better!

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