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Monday, December 16, 2013

MY Puppy Training at Jaya One, PJ

This was recommended by a fren but since i dont have a puppy, I'm recommending to others.

Jaya One, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia017-331 5069https://sites.google.com/a/puppytraining.my/jaya-one/https://www.facebook.com/MyPuppyTraining

Want to teach your dog...
  • to behave well in public?
  • to behave well with other people?
  • to behave well with other dogs?
  • to behave well with you?!
Richard Gardner & Lorna Fisher teach you how to train your dog to be your lifelong friend. And we teach you the thinking behind the training, too!

All classes are taught OFF leash - so you can create a dog so well behaved you can take him/her ANYWHERE!

All classes are....
  • held at pet-friendly Jaya One
  • entirely off-leash
  • in the fresh air, but under cover
  • adjacent to great coffee shops and restaurants
  • RM250 per puppy for 6 classes


Elayne Taylor said...

Very interesting topic here in your site. Keep on posting this kind of topics. Very useful indeed.

Kind Regards,
Elayne Taylor
Dog Tricks

Crazee Patches said...

Thanks, Elayne
I post info that I think may be of use to pet owners & animal lovers whenever i come across them, usually through the newspapers or Facebook so that everyone can read about it.


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