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Friday, April 18, 2014

Scallywags cattery - hotel for cats

What happens to your cat when you go outstation?  Putting them at the vet is sad cos they will be cooped up in a cage. Sadly, I did that too, not realising the agony it gave them, cos it was an emergency and i didnt know where else to put him (many yrs ago).

Pets, have feelings too and being cooped up and not knowing whether the their 'humans' are coming back for them is like a child being abandoned. My cat was depressed! So that's why i am very interested to learn about this cattery sometime ago - Scallywags, which is in Petaling Jaya (Kampung Tunku).

This cattery (boarding home for cats) was set up by a qualified (with certificate in cattery management) lady who loves cats.  The fees are reasonable RM39 per day (cats from similar household can share, at lower rate) and the place is very cat-friendly... maybe even better than my home).


BUT to ensure that all cats are safe, healthwise, ...they are very careful and will require that all cats boarded are vaccinated, spayed / neutered, healthy BEFORE BEING ACCEPTED.  

Now, you can go holiday with a peace of mind....   BUT BOOK EARLY!

Remember the horrific cat hotel which was CHEAP and cats were not fed for weeks during Hari Raya... leading to dead cats, suffering & some cats were sold off (rumour has it)..  Dont let this happen to your 'sayang'... GO TO A REPUTABLE CATTERY!

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