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Monday, August 11, 2014

Training strays to be security guard dogs?

Do u think it's feasible?  Hope so cos it will solve some of the pressing problems of strays.

This idea is mooted in India.

Here's an except of the story from TheStar.com.my

New Delhi (AFP) - Stray canines roaming the Indian capital may soon find themselves attending police training school with civic authorities planning to turn the animals into security dogs, reports said Saturday.

New Delhi residents have long informally adopted some strays as watchdogs for their homes and shops and fed them, but this marks the first formal plan to turn them into municipal security dogs.

...."Our plan is to adopt these strays and train them as guard dogs" to work with the public security force -- 40 officers have already been deployed with the city planning to engage as many as 700, ....

..."This initiative is meant to address two issues: take the strays off the streets, thereby tackling the dog menace, and make the city safer for residents," added Shrivastava.

There are no recent figures on the number of dogs in Delhi but a 2009 city survey put them at more than 260,000. 

The reports did not say how many dogs would be used in the security scheme or when their training would start.

Dogs will be fed and vaccinated under the plan, welcomed by animal rights activists.

"This will engage the street dogs with society and also benefit people," Radha Unnikrishnan, an animal rights activist, said.....

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