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Friday, December 9, 2011

Why u should not buy pets from pet shops!

“These illegal breeders have a platform to sell their products' if pet shops continue selling puppies and dogs,” she claimed.
Silent victims: Puppies being sold at a pet store. Animal welfare groups say this practice has given rise to illegal breeders and puppy mills.
According to Low, puppy mills and backyard breeding should be busted as illegal breeders treated their animals badly and kept them in deplorable conditions.

“The breeders make the females litter after every heat cycle and this is blatant cruelty and animal abuse,” she added.

Low said those seeking pure-bred puppies could obtain their pets from legitimate and registered breeders.
MDDB, she said, had rescued many dogs that had been “bred excessively” and dumped on the streets when they were unable to litter anymore.

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