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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pet food catering

From pet food catering, to pet confinement care and pet owner's lifestyle management. Trust us crazy cat and dogs owners to assist you!
Who are we? We are crazy dogs and cats owners who want nothing short of the best for our furbabies (of course)!
Why? Because personally, we have seen and experienced how good and balanced nutrition can go a long way in health and general wellness for our lil ones. Not to mention, we saved a fair bit from vet visits too!

We used to be the type of owners who have an entire designated shelf full of supplements at home for our lil ones but all that changed when we changed their diet! Now it’s just half-shelf-full :).

We are fiercely passionate about responsible pet ownership. We care about the well being of our furbabies, from engaging with their mind through training exercise to making them social butterflies at occasions and the weekly social outings!

We’re game for adventures and twice a year we’ll be away on holiday with them! We want quality and fulfilling lives for us and our lil ones because their time with us is just too short. So we want to make the best of every bit of that time!

We love animals and we’re constantly a catalyst, a voice for animals. Most importantly, we think that giving back is key to help improve animal welfare and quality of life.

So, here we pledge to make monthly contributions from our profit back to the animals! I would want my lil ones to help out their kind as best they could since they have a good life. There are just too many unfortunate ones out there.

So, who are we again? We’re just passionate animal lovers :)

To order :https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yaJC1HuwyvG2PzMm0HoJOGOFzxMbKZOoH7XbaH69Q7U/viewform


They r featured in the the Star today 

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